Monthly Archives: June 2012


“UNSEASONABLE” WEATHER As I type this short note, I’m shivering in the “unseasonable” cold weather of early June here in Lilongwe.  Winter isn’t supposed to come until July here!  And I’m recalling that the rains so important for our maize crops didn’t start as usual in late October last year, but only in early December.  […]

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17 JunGreat Encouragement

Winter seems to have come early to Malawi!  At least it feels like chilly July, even early in June.  Temperatures at night around 10°C (50°F); daytime around 20°C (68°F). But chilly weather (especially when it is cloudy and windy) just pushes me to keep extra warm by keeping extra busy.  And plenty to do, that’s […]

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09 JunGood News

Welcome to the blog for Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS), in Kasungu, Malawi! This is where you’ll regularly find updates on our progress, background information on LJSS, including articles about the area we’re building in, our hopes, and our plans. Your support, interest, and prayers will help to make these plans a reality! My name […]

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