Our Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) learners recently held some meetings to decide what would be good service opportunities during Lent.

“Service” means donating time and energy to assist in some needy situations at and near school.  These service activities would be done during free time and would not earn any “credit.”  But they would be considered really essential to the educational philosophy of LJSS — and not just something for the season of Lent!

Fr. Ken Simalalo, S.J., the LJSS Chaplain, organised some meetings to bring together our learners for some serious discussions of the “what, why, how and when” of possilbe service opportunities.  Good discussion brought good decisions.  The learners resolved on three projects:

  1. Visiting elderly people in nearby Juma village, to provide some small helps of companionship
  2. Visiting the Kasungu prison, to relieve loneliness and encourage prayer
  3. Planting trees on campus, to enhance beauty and ecological respect

Voluntary time, without compensation, outside class learning: this service requirement provides experiences to enrich the LJSS goal of becoming “women and men for and with others.”  Our Jesuit pedagogy puts high value on these experiences.

Fr. Simalalo snapped these photos of some of the learners meeting to decIde how they could enrich their Jesuit education at LJSS with some good Lenten tasks.

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