All of us associated with Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) are very happy that our first year has been completed very well and preparations for our second year are nicely underway!  Learners (students), teachers, staff, benefactors – all can be very proud of a good year with promise of an even better second year.

Of the 61 girls and 62 boys who entered Form One (Grade Nine) in September 2015, there were 60 girls and 60 boys who completed their first year.  Good gender balance.  We hope we can keep that!
A chance to shareGirls and boys in same classroom interact with teacher — good learning experiences!

And construction of the buildings still needed on our beautiful LJSS campus are underway, including the three big buildings: Chapel, Clinic and Jesuit Residence.  (Check another blog posted here for pictures and details.)

At the close of the year, a special Mass was held, honoring our LJSS patron, St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.  The Mass was held in our Conference Hall and concelebrated by three priests at the end of July.

Fr. Chikwamo, S.J., Fr Simalalo, S.J., Fr. Mutesha, S.J., with well-dressed girl and boy altar servers!

As students packed their bags, they waited anxiously for buses that would be bringing them to connect with other buses to eventually bring them home for their much-anticipated break.  One year wiser?  We surely hope soIMG_4312Students ready to begin their trip from LJSS in Kasungu back to their homes across Malawi! 

If you would like to help us ensure that the expenses for buildings, equipment, student aid and many miscellaneous necessities are being met, please go to our Support button and make a contribution.  Any size donation will be helpful and greatly appreciated!

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  1. Br. Paul Cawthorne, S.J. says:

    How great it must be to have completed your first year in a brand new school. What a big responsibility it is to show the new students what to do and how to act; for YOUR class are the leaders, the people who start the traditions, which perhaps, your very own children years and years from now will remember YOU and your classmates talking about. My prayers for your success and that you will enjoy your studies and share what you are learning with others.
    Br. Paul Cawthorne, S.J.

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