"One of the best ways to serve the present is to give hope for the future. Loyola Jesuit Secondary School will effectively serve the needs of the present youth who are the future of Malawi."  Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, Superior General of the Society of Jesus

PRAYERS FOR CHRISTMAS PEACE AND NEW YEAR HOPE! Please help LJSS move forward to first graduation.

Overview of newly constructed LJSS campus

We are right now up-dating our new website.  So please come back often to see the good news from LJSS.   www.loyola-malawi.org 

And in the meantime, check out this great video of our secondary school -- good overview of what our campus looks like now.  More to come in the future!

Many thanks to our benefactors who make all this possible!


1 - The Need

 Malawi is a very poor country with great potential. While 75% of Malawians live below the poverty line, the country is peaceful and is blessed with many resources. The key to italizing on Malawi’s strengths is simple: educate the youth, particularly the poor. But Malawi’s education system is woefully inadequate, with only 35% of children receiving secondary education and only 44% of those reaching graduation. 

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2 - Our Commitment

 The phrase “option for the poor” is central to Scripture, to our church social teaching and to our Jesuit mission documents. It indicates a preference of insight and commitment to those with minimal resources for full human development. It urges looking at the world from the perspective of the poor and working to improve the conditions that dehumanise our sisters and brothers.  

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3 - Why a Jesuit School

 The Jesuits bring a 450-year long tradition of educational excellence around the world to their formation and operation of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School. Jesuit education emphasizes high academic standards, concern for spiritual and personal growth, and the development of men and women for others.  

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4 - Latest Construction Updates

December 2018 -- As the latest photos from Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) very happily show, the major construction work on our campus has been completed. Administration block, classrooms, assembly hall, hostels (girls and boys dormitories), kitchen and dining facilities, and teachers’ housing – all of this very good work is getting plenty of use!

Only the Chapel remains under construction and we hope that this important building – the centre of our LJSS campus! – will be complete in early 2019.  Some beautiful local art work will be finished during the course of the year.

Another major work has been almost completed: the Jesuit residence. The photo below shows the entrance to the building. Work on the inside of the building is still on-going, completing the bedrooms, kitchen and dining room, sitting room and some office space. 

A small chapel is also part of the building and will be open for visitors. There will be room for eight to ten Jesuits in the future – please pray for vocations!

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