Update on Loyola Jesuit Secondary School, Kasungu, Malawi

Now in its second year of operation, Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) keeps plenty busy providing good education to 221 students in Kasungu, Malawi.  Form One and Form Two (frosh and sophomore) “learners” (the good phrase used to describe pupils in Malawi) are enjoying the new facilities, the good teaching staff and the strong Jesuit spirit.

Coeducational from the start, we have managed a good gender balance: Form One has 58 girls and 58 boys; Form Two has 52 boys and 53 girls.  As we enroll the final two Forms in September 2017 and 2018, we hope to keep this good gender balance!

head teacher and assembly

LJSS Head Teacher Fr.Simon Makuru, S.J., speaks to a student assembly

Enriching religious spirit, strong educational opportunities and exciting sports activities keep everyone at LJSS fully occupied.

Chaplain Ken Simalalo, S.J., offers Catholic Masses on Sundays and during the weeks.  Other church services are available for our students on the weekends.  Religious education classes are part of the core curriculum for all students.


LJSS Chaplain Fr. Simon Makuru, S.J., baptises a student at Sunday Mass

Making sure that our students learn skills for future work possibilities is a strong incentive to provide technical training. That means well-equipped computer lab facilities.  We are fortunate to have the start of such facilities with good computers available.

computer lab

Science instructor works with computer students 

Malawi is in Africa, where “real football” is played — and that of course means soccer!  Our football field still lacks a good turf surface but that hasn’t discouraged our players.  We have even hosted some visiting teams – and showed winning abilities!


Real football players at LJSS get ready for good game!

Please read earlier blogs to see all the good things going on with Loyola Jesuit Secondary School.

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