Workers checking on our good maize crop

Even before construction was begun in 2012 for our co-educational boarding school in Kasungu, it was clear that it would be a good idea to have our own farm to help support the ambitious project.  With help from a generous benefactor, we were able to secure 50 hectares (125 acres) of good agricultural land about 7 km (4.5 miles) from the LJSS campus.  The land was currently in use for tobacco crops — previously a major earner for Malawi, but now in sharp income decline).  We plowed the land and let it lie fallow for almost two years, to restore natural resources and to plan best use.

Field of good maize, with good food soon to be enjoyed by LJSS learners

The land is currently producing a good crop of maize – the severe drought of two previous years did not affect us this year.  This will provide a good harvest for what is Malawi’s major food input – nsima, a thickly-mashed maize porridge dish.  Our LJSS students would feel unfed and starved if good daily supplies of nsima were not provided!

LJSS learners enjoying nisma from localluy grown maize

Besides providing maize and some green vegetables, our LJSS farm is now mapping further expansion.  A warehouse will be built for storage purposes, and a chicken run and small piggery is planned.  The farm will be a good financial asset, offering food for students and for some local sales.

Good stalks of healthy maize

Bringing good previous experience, Fr. Sebastian Malambo, S.J., a Zambian, comes to LJSS as Farm Manager.

Fr. Malambo keeping a keen eye on our LJSS farm

To assist our farm with some needed machinery, construction and inputs, donations can be made to “Jesuit Missions, Inc.”, sent to Jesuit Missions, 1016 16th St NW Suite 400, Washington DC 20036 USA.

More information available at www.loyola-malawi.org and www.facebook.com/loyolamw 

Contact loyolamalawi@gmail.com

Thank you and God Bless!

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