Catholic Chapel Is Centre of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School Campus in Kasungu, Malawi

When you come through the main gates of the campus of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) in Kasungu, Malawi, one building immediately catches your attention.  Even though its construction is not yet completed, this building’s prominence in location, dimensions, height, and beauty is unmistakable.

The Catholic Chapel is clearly the centre of the LJSS campus.  And this helps communicate a clear message that the Jesuit proprietors of the school want everyone on the campus to appreciate: LJSS is a Catholic and Jesuit school, guided in every way by Ignatian pedagogy to form “women and men for and with others.”

Whether learners or teachers, staff or visitors, people who spend some time on our campus can’t help but get the message of what LJSS is all about.  The prominence of the Chapel emphasises the Ignatian values of a school that teaches young women and men not just to make a living but to make a difference.

When completed, our Chapel will be the location for the celebration of Catholic Mass, offering of the sacraments, space for retreats and special prayer services, and a place of quiet contemplation. Plans are to decorate the walls with locally crafted murals in African style of stories from Holy Scripture.  May the Word of God be communicated not only in sound but in sight!

 Contributions are needed to complete Chapel construction and to provide African murals.  Please consider a donation to help us:  donate   Thank you very much!

[17 May 2018]

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