17 JunGreat Encouragement

Winter seems to have come early to Malawi!  At least it feels like chilly July, even early in June.  Temperatures at night around 10°C (50°F); daytime around 20°C (68°F).

But chilly weather (especially when it is cloudy and windy) just pushes me to keep extra warm by keeping extra busy.  And plenty to do, that’s for sure!  Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) is moving forward…

We are hoping in the next week or so to put out to tender to five or six experienced Malawian contractors.  After a few weeks, we will have the estimates for construction of the Phase One.  And then after the award of contract, we will have the traditional ground-breaking ceremony.

This is something that Project Manager Fr. Alojz Podgrajsek, SJ, and I very much look forward to, after the several years of dreaming, talking, planning, raising funds, praying…

Plans for the Phase One construction highlighted in blue - further details to follow

And the local people in Kasungu are also very pleased and excited to know that the long-anticipated LJSS will actually be appearing on the horizon, with promise of future enrolment of students in 2014.  Students at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (affiliated with our Jesuit parish in Kasungu) and other schools in our area are particularly eager to know when they can begin applying for admission to LJSS!

Standard 5 pupils gather in front of their parish school in Kasungu. Future LJSS students, hopefully!

We have been greatly encouraged by the interest shown by the many people who have accessed our website and visited our Facebook page.  I check the statistics for ‘hits’ regularly, and it is good to see that these sites are attracting interested people.  And even attracting some funding – by hitting the magic button that says “Support Us”!

More news about the construction and  some of the challenges we face will be coming in future posts.  Please stay tuned!  And know that feedback is surely appreciated.


Pete Henriot, SJ ~ Director of Development



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