Really exciting news and I’m happy to share it with you!

We plan to start construction of Phase One of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School in the coming month of September.  Through generous help from Jesuit offices in Europe, some foundations and individuals, we have sufficient funds to construct what is necessary to enroll First Year students in mid-2014.

Phase One consists of the administration block, classrooms and laboratories, hostels for girls and boys, kitchen and dining facilities, assembly hall.  You can understand  what a big and promising project it is!

Phase One highlighted in blue

What we are urgently looking for now are funds for equipments for Phase One (e.g., laboratory materials, books, kitchen utensils, mattresses, etc.) and for the start-up of Phase Two when necessary.

It’s very encouraging to us that some potential major donors say they will be more interested when they see some construction coming up in our “field of dreams” in Kasungu.  And we are so happy that we very soon will be able to show the start of that construction.

For our ground-breaking ceremony in September, we will make some short videos to post on this website.  Keep your eyes open for these very encouraging pictures….

Thanks to all of you who find it possible to press the “Donation” button on our website.

Gifts large and small are a great support for our work to provide some hope for better education for some of the youth of Malawi, especially those who come from families of lesser means.

Stay tuned – we will be putting up blogs more regularly now.

Best wishes!

Alojz Podgrajsek, S.J.

Project Manager

Loyola Jesuit Secondary School

Kasungu, Malawi







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