21 JanGreen Commitment

The rains here have now provoked an eruption of growth: where once was dust, now new, green life spurts up all around. Certainly we would like the construction of LJSS to go as quickly! It is, however, encouraging to see the progress at the site: click here to view some photos on Flickr, or read some of our previous blog posts – click here and here.

With all this greenery around, we are reminded of another kind of ‘green’: the commitment LJSS is making to environmental sensitivity.

As outlined in previous blog posts (click here for more), there are a number of ways in which LJSS is committing to lessening environmental impact and enhancing sustainability. One of these commitments is in the creation of ‘green’ blocks for use in the construction: bricks made out of finely-sifted sand with a large, durable component of cement. Not only will these blocks last the test of time, they are also immensely preferable to the alternative of kiln-fired mud bricks.

Commonly seen mud-bricks, fired in a kiln

Not only is the kiln-firing detrimental because of the trees cut down (deforestation is a major problem in Malawi), but the mud taken for the bricks contributes to severe soil erosion.

It is, therefore, exciting now to see the first batch of LJSS’ very own cement blocks, a ‘concrete’ commitment to the environment:

Stabilised Soil Bricks (SSBs) ready to make their contribution to LJSS

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