Yes, we are still alive and well, even if a bit tardy in up-dating you with recent blogs!

After a few months silence on this blog station of the website for Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS), we are pleased to show you some very encouraging progress with construction.  Despite some slowdowns during the rainy weather, and some delay of materials that had to be imported from South Africa, our contractors have been moving forward.

God willing, we will have completed Phase One construction this coming July.  This includes the Administration Block, ten classrooms, conference hall, girls’ and boys’ hostels, and kitchen and dining facilities.

That means things should be ready for enrolling 144 young women and men in Form One (Grade Nine) this coming September.  We Jesuits who have been working hard the past few years to get LJSS up and running are very excited.  And also very excited are potential teachers and staff looking for employment and potential students hoping for enrolment!

Some photos tell the story and show the hopes

Possible future students

In January some possible future students posed in front of the Administration Block, eager to get their names on the list of the Form One class!

Corridor outside Administration Block

Corridor outside Administration Block, soon to be filled with eager teachers, staff and students pursuing the excellence of Jesuit education!

View of our many LJSS buildings

View of our many LJSS buildings as seen from the nearby St. Joseph’s Parish.

Future blogs will be telling more of our story.  We will be very happy to hear your questions and comments.  Please send messages to loyolamalawi@gmail.com.

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  1. anacklet Lupiya says:

    I cant wait to see my daughter being one of the pioneer students for this magnificent secondary school.

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