There is plenty of activity on the campus of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) as opening date of September 2015 quickly approaches.

Besides finishing up all the construction and furnishing needs, work goes on with preparation of teachers, securing books, designing help for scholarships, hiring support staff, etc., etc.

And we have a good sized garden to be providing basic food for our hard working students!

With arrival of teachers in August, we are working hard to provide good housing.

teacher's houses two


Teachers’ houses are under construction.  We need to provide good housing right next to the campus so that teachers are available for our students – all of whom board the full terms.  This provides a complete learning environment for everyone!

And when eager students arrive in September, we will have the accommodations ready for them.

bunk beds #2

Bunk beds are ready for mattresses and sleep. In the girls’ and boys hostels (dormitories), there is room for comfort.  Note the lockers along the walls.  Providing good living space for the students encourages a good learning space!

The generous support of a multitude of Church groups, Jesuit institutions, foundations, and individual donors from Malawi and around the world is making our LJSS dream become a wonderful reality.

We continue to be in need for financial support, both to be sure everything is ready for the opening and to assure some solid starts for Phase Two.

Contributions for construction needs, furniture, equipment, staffing and scholarships can be made to “Jesuit Missions, Inc.” 1016 16th St NW, Suite 400, Washington DC 20036, noting Jesuit School Malawi.

This information is available when you go to Support Us button here at our website.  Thank you so very much for your on-going support and encouragement.

Keep up-dated on our progress by going to:

www.loyola-malawi.org              www.facebook.com/loyolamw

And contact us at:


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