Our original plan for the basic construction of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) was to build in two phases.  Phase One has now been completed and has provided classrooms and laboratories, administration block, students’ hostels (dormitories), conference hall, staff houses, dining and kitchen facilities.   The necessary structures are in place and we are ready to begin operations for enrolment of Form One (Grade Nine) in this coming September. (See previous ,)



Face-view of a Classroom Block.

Beyond the final costs of overall construction for Phase One have come three additional demands. First, there are the expenses for furnishing the school buildings – everything from desks to bunk beds to kitchen pots and pans.  Second, we must resource the necessary educational supplies such as books and laboratory materials. And third, we are building an endowment fund to assist needy students to meet our fees, especially students from our local area of Kasungu.  And some of this endowment fund will also reward faculty and staff appraised to be particularly supportive in promoting the goals of Ignatian Pedagogy. [ our Jesuit ethos]



Dinning Room “Serving Point” – ready to Serve food for hungry students.

Please stay tuned to our Web Page for on-going developments with LJSS – it’s a challenging, exciting and inspiring effort.  Many eyes in Malawi and wider in Africa are now on this effort.

We can surely use your prayers and encouragement.  And your donations are more than even needed!

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