As the days draw near for September opening of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS), there are many little details to pay attention to – as well as the great big details of teachers’ assignments, students’ books, cooks’ supplies, etc., etc.!

One detail, both big and little, is how to assure that LJSS is as “green” as possible.  By that we mean that in both construction and instruction our school should be environmentally sensitive, ecologically sound.  (See earlier blog) 

A look at the photo below shows one very important ecological effort – use of soil based bricks throughout construction, rather than kiln burnt bricks.  The walls of our buildings are very substantial and attractive, and at least some of the trees of Malawi are preserved from cutting!
Block wall

View of use of soil based blocks in LJSS walls – no burning of bricks necessary!

Another effort at ecological sensitivity is how the wood is collected for use by our contractor for all the classroom desks, dining room tables, hostel (dormitory) beds, etc.  The joinery (carpentry) manager regularly replants trees on the lots used for harvesting the necessary wood.  The photo below shows bunk beds ready for mattresses and tired students.  Attractively built, this and other LJSS furniture is not contributing to the rampant deforestation that is subjecting Malawi to dangerous climate change.
Bunk beds

Bunk beds made from wood gathered in tree lots that are regularly replanted!

We are also pursuing some solar alternatives to electrical use, such as solar powered water heaters for the showers in the hostels.

And we will place ecologically-sensitive garbage bins around our campus to assure that staff and students deposit litter that is properly separated: burnables, recyclables, compustables.

If you are interested and supportive of LJSS efforts to be “green” as we start up, please consider a donation at this time! [donate]

Thank you!

LJSS Management Team    loyolamalawi@gmail.com

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