Thank you for your interest in Loyola Jesuit Secondary School. Please contact us for more information, or with questions regarding our plans and progress.

Loyola Jesuit Secondary School                                      Loyola Jesuit Secondary School.
Development Office                                                           Administration Office.
P.O. Box 1530                                                                      P.O. Box 499.
Lilongwe, Malawi                                                               Kasungu, Malawi.
E-mail:   Web-page:


Cell: 265-991-051-400
Skype:  petesj2

Contacts for Administration of Loyola Jesuit Secondary School

E-Mail Address
Emmanuel Mumba, S.J. Zambia-Malawi Provincial
Simon Makuru, S.J. Head Teacher
Alojz Podgrajsek, S.J. Project Manager
Peter Henriot, S.J. Director of Development


18 Responsesso far.

  1. Tamanda says:

    Like the school, can ihave the place there?

    • Pete says:

      Dear Tamanda.
      Yes of course you can secure a place, once, you have managed to meet the requirements.
      Hope to see you applications, before September, 2015.

      Best regards.

  2. We, a Belgian group of volunteers, build a primary school in Chilumba – North Malawi. We already contacted the Jesuits in Belgium with a practical problem and because we are interested in a possible future coöperation with your school.

  3. Maganizo says:

    Thank you the Jesuit brothers in this development. it is a great improvement in Malawi’s education sector.
    I am an architecture graduate who wants to serve God by joining you the Jesuit brothers. Can you help me on how I can fulfill my calling.

    • Pete says:

      Noted with thanks! Lookup for more requirements on this wed-page. For the time being, we need support and Donation for the final stages.

  4. Suppliers says:

    Dear brothers-in-Christ
    Since you will have a boarding school, I suppose you will need suppliers for food stuffs.

    We supply cooking oil to different institutions at a cheaper price e.g Engineers Battalion in Kasungu.if such a need arises at your new school,dont hesitate to email us on

    all the best in your new establishment.

  5. Noel Kafera says:

    I like this development by the Jesuit. The standard of the construction, Infrastructure, promises a lot than just education. I have great interest to support Loyala Jesuit secondary school by being part of the teaching staff. What should i do to become one of the teaching staff at this school

  6. steven Tiyesere Kanthiti says:

    i would wish to be one of the pioneer teachers at this school

    • Pete says:

      Good thanks Steven. Check for more updated information on the webpage, you might be, indeed, one of the Teachers at LJSS- kasungu.

  7. Kelly says:

    Is there a need for teachers, volunteers, campus ministers? Do the jobs stay within malawi or can others apply to teach at this school?

  8. chimwemwe says:

    Dear brothers in christ,
    i would like to apply for a teaching job at your school. what can i do to become one of the staff working at jesuit

    • Pete says:

      Hi Chimwemwe. Simply, go back to our webpage and check for the contacts of our Head Teacher – Fr. Simon Makulu – who will advise you properly,but for your own information, Ministry of Education will be the ones providing Teachers.

  9. Martha Kasonya says:

    Dear Brothers in Christ,

    I am very mpressed with the coming in of this school here in Malawi and I hope it will indeed assist more boys and girls to further their education. I would like to know if there are places in all the forms for I would like to send my son and niece there. Please let me know all your requirements.

  10. Jomo says:

    My Daughter has just been selected to LJSS, please let me know the fees and the next step.

    • Pete says:


      Note from Head Teacher:

      As Head Teacher for Loyola Jesuit Secondary School (LJSS) in Kasungu, I warmly welcome all the girls and boys admitted for Form One!

      We expect to see you on Sunday 06 September, to begin a wonderful experience of education in the best of Jesuit traditions of excellence. Our new school is ready to receive you in a fine surrounding of good teachers and ideal facilities.


      Parents or guardians should accompany students. If you come by bus, you will be met by LJSS staff at Kasungu Depot, to be taken directly to school campus.

      The First Term will run from 06 September to 18 December 2015.

      The Fee Structure for this First Term is as follows:

      • Boarding Fees 65,000

      • General Purpose Fund 1,000

      • Medical fees 2,000

      • Textbook Revolving Fund 250

      • Communication 1,000

      • Padlock 500

      Uniform one pair (no shoes included) 15,000

      TOTAL MK 85,250

      Each child is required to bring the following to school:

      • A pair of black shoes; water pail; two blankets; pair of bed sheets; mosquito net

      • Table knife, table fork, table spoon, tea spoon; water cup; tea cup.

      I look forward to welcoming the girls and boys to begin the first day in Form One as a boarder. Please feel free to contact me anytime on my cellphone: 0993362403; or on my email:


      Fr. Simon Makuru, S.J.
      Head Teacher

  11. Lucius says:

    I got the communication just today may I have the registration forms today please?
    I cant wait to lose this amazing chance ….

  12. Harry Maunda says:

    I would like to find form one place at your school. Please help me how to do it.

  13. David Gelpi PhD says:

    Looking to get in contact with Fr. Alex Muyebe, S.J,director of the Jesuit Centre for Ecology and Development. We are a brother Jesuit secondary school in Bronx, New York. We want to have our students involved in the work of the Jesuit Centre for Ecology and Development. Is Fr. Alex involved in your school? If so, can our interest be passed along to him?

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